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Viviendas Unicas Barcelona is the real estate agency in Barcelona, specialized in the most exclusive areas of the city. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of buyers and sellers of real estate, saving them time and offering them the best treatment.

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Why the real estate agency of Barcelona, Viviendas Únicas?

    • The real estate agency in Barcelona specialed in exclusive flats for sale.

Viviendas Unicas Barcelona is a real estate agency in Barcelona specialized in the most exclusive areas of the city. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of buyers and sellers of real estate, saving them time.


    • We help you find the apartment for sale that you are looking for in the areas of Eixample dreta, esquerra, Sant Gervasi, Les corts, Gracia…

We work in the most privileged areas of the city: l’Eixample dreta, esquerra, Sant Gervasi, Les Corts, Gracia… We are specialists in charming homes, we are dedicated to help you find what you are looking for.


    • Customized and effective strategies to sell your flat in Barcelona.

We are a team that bets on new technologies. We work every day to offer all the necessary services for buying or selling properties. We have C.R.M. and our own software to offer you the best apartment search service, we are up to date with the best marketing techniques to promote your apartment for sale “without burning” and with the latest technologies. We create customized marketing campaigns for sale in the national territory and in several foreign countries.


    • We help you buy your flat in Barcelona or sell your flat in Barcelona in the best conditions. We carry out free appraisals with a qualified and certified expert.

From the exact evaluation (at market price) made by a professional, to advice in all steps of the operation and the search for particular marketing strategies, our multilingual team, with many years of experience and with AICAT registration, will offer you the best service with all the guarantees and professionalism.

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Other agencies will make many promises to capture your flat (iPhones, tablets, trips …), Be aware of the fine print.

We guarantee the maximum pricing in the sale of your property, always in a professional and personalized way.

Specialists in: l’Eixample dreta, Eixample esquerra, Sagrada Familia, Sarrià, Sant Gervasi, Les 3 Torres, Diagonal Mar…


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Selection of apartments for sale by districts in Barcelona city

As you know, Viviendas Unicas Barcelona´s team is specialized in neighbourhoods as exclusive and popular as l’Eixample, Sarriá-Sant Gervasi and central area of Barcelona. Despite having clients from other districts of Barcelona, who by our seriousness and professionalism trust the sale of their property to us, our areas of expertise are central and distinctive. We like Barcelona a lot, we confessed it a long time ago in our blog, but the areas where we work make the difference: its architecture, impressive facades of royal buildings, modernism … the charm of its narrow but always lively streets… The satisfaction that causes us to walk around a city made with taste that never cease to amaze us is unique.
Come and see the neighbourhoods in which we are experts.


L´Eixample or Ensanche district:


This is the second of the ten districts in which Barcelona is divided and occupies the most of the central part of the city. Designed by Ildefonso Cerdá, it covers a total of 7.46 km2 and is formed by a total of 6 neighbourhoods, among which we fundamentally specialize in 4: Eixample Esquerra, La Dereta de l’Eixample, Sagrada Familia and San Antoni.districte_de_leixample

Eixample Esquerra or Ensanche Izquierdo

Eixample Esquerra covers most of the western grid of the Cerda Plan. This is a district administratively divided into two parts: The Old Left and the New Left of the Eixample district. Eixample Esquerra is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Barcelona, with many green spaces and interesting points such as the Joan Miró Gardens, the Ninot Market or the well-known Hospital or Escuela Industrial.

Dreta de l´Eixample or Ensanche derecho

The right side of l’Eixample is the oldest one and its architecture is more impressive.
It is the Passeig de Gràcia that leads this division between left and right, located in the heart of l’Eixample.
It is the axis of modernism, since along this street we find buildings as emblematic as La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. It also houses art galleries and the famous Mercat de la Concepció, originally constructed circa 1888.


Sagrada Familia:


As the name suggests, the most popular monument in this area is Sagrada Familia temple, originally built in 1882 and still under construction. The main point of interest is Gaudi Avenue, a path that runs diagonally, breaking the grid of the Ensanche and the Plaza de la Hispanidad with its Balcones de Barcelona mural. It has an area of 1.05 km² and a population of 51,806 inhabitants.


San Antoni:


Its neuralgic centre is marked by the popular market of San Antonio, well known for the weekly book fair and collecting material that is celebrated every Sunday morning. Among the many shops available in the San Antonio roundabout, between the streets of Sepúlveda and Floridablanca, we can highlight the striking number of establishments oriented to the sale of computer equipment.


Les Corts:



Located to the west of the city, Les Corts is the fourth district of Barcelona, bordering the districts of Sarriá-San Gervasi, the Ensanche and Sants-Montjuic.
It is the third smallest one and the least populated. Traditionally divided into 10 neighbourhoods, since 2006, it is made only by 3: Les Corts, La Maternidad and San Ramón y Pedralbes.
It is a district full of green areas and places of interest such as Les Corts Park or the world-famous Camp Nou, Barca’s team stadium.


Sarriá – Sant Gervasi:


distrito de barcelona

It forms the fifth of the aforementioned ten districts in which the city is divided and it is placed in the western limit of the city. Much of Sant Gervasi sits on the Collserola mountain range. It is the seventh most populous district with 140,461 inhabitants, the second most extensive with about 20 km² and the least dense. Six are the neighbourhoods in it: Sant Gervasi-Galvany, Putget i Farró, Sant Gervasi-La Bonanova, Las Tres Torres, Sarrià and Vallvidrera, Tibidabo i les Planes.

Sarriá – Sant Gervasi is one of the richest and most exclusive neighbourhoods of the city and as we have indicated before, it is part of the district of Sarriá-Sant Gervasi. Formerly an independent town, until in 1921 the Barcelona City Council included it in Barcelona map.


The district of Gracia is the sixth of the city and comprises the territory of the old Villa de Gracia. It is the smallest district of Barcelona, but the densest in terms of population, with 120,087 inhabitants. It is formed by demanded neighbourhoods such as Gracia or Camp d’enGrassot i Gràcia Nova. Gracia borders with the districts of the Ensanche to the south, Sarriá-San Gervasio to the west and Horta-Guinardó to the east.
Between the points of interest of this magical neighbourhood we highlight the famous Park Güell, of Gaudí, the library of Jaume Fuster or the popular street Great of Gracia, with a great variety of shops and restaurants with charm.
In Viviendas Únicas we have spent years working in these areas, offering a wide selection of royal and classic buildings, in the most popular areas of the neighbourhood.